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SEO Services Process

  • Keywords research & optimization
  • Review and Analysis
    • Website Analysis
    • Keyword research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
    • Initial Ranking Report
  • On Page Optimization
    • Website Structure Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • HTML Analysis
    • Title Tags Optimization
    • Meta Tags Optimization
    • Alt Tags Optimization
    • Anchor Tags Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Sitemap.xml Installation
    • RSS Feed Generation
    • Robots.txt Installation
  • Off Page Optimization
    • Manual Search Engine Submission
    • Manual Relevant Directory Submission
    • Local / Niche Directory Submission
    • Link Exchange (One Way + Reciprocal)
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Bookmarking & Community Advertising
    • Social Networking Profiles
    • Article Creation/ month
    • Article Submission (per article)
    • Press Release Creation
    • Press Release Distribution (per Press Release)
    • Blog Creation, updation and promotion
    • Forum posting/ month
    • Classified ads Creation & Posting/ month
    • RSS feed submission
    • Video Promotion (Video provided by Client)
  • Report status
    • Google Analytics / Stat Counter Installation
    • Monthly Work status reports (Detailed)
    • Traffic Status Report

Valuable SEO Tips:

SEO Can Give Your Website Much-needed Visibility

To get noticed in any field and get recognition, it is essential that you get the maximum exposure possible to the outside world. When people in Campbellfield get to see you regularly, you will automatically start to recognise you and give you some importance. This holds true for businesses as well. They need to get seen by as many people as possible so that they start trusting the business and get interested by the product on offer.

The Internet is an excellent way to multiply your business visibility through the website. However it is not enough to get a nice website built by you Web Development Company in Melbourne and think that you will get noticed automatically. The website has to be advertised properly in order to get people to visit it regularly.

The most effective advertising that your website can get is through a technique called Search Engine Optimisation. While web development in Melbourne is a process of creation of the web page, SEO focuses on optimising the website with engaging content, the right keywords and building links as methods of advertising. The ultimate objective is to get featured in the search engine result pages of prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and get noticed by millions of visitors searching for products and services that your business has to offer. It is an excellent way to get free traffic to your website.

Types of SEO:

Nowadays Most web development companies offer SEO in Campbellfield. It is a multistep process, which often takes some time to show results. There are certain unethical SEO practices which might bring in instant results, but your website will become liable for blacklisting by search engines. These are called Black Hat SEO. On the other hand SEO using ethical practices is termed as White Hat SEO, and produce long-term but tangible results.

Activities involved in SEO:

Initial Research, Review and Analysis:

This is an activity undertaken to analyse the current status of the website in Melbourne and how it is structured. Getting an understanding regarding which other factors which need optimisation is also an integral part of this initial analysis process. This activity or special importance because any mistakes done at this stage might result in a failure in the SEO process by the web development company in Campbellfield at a later stage.

On-page optimisation:

This refers to modification of the website itself to make it more user and search engine friendly. The web development company in Campbellfield will modify the website to make it noticeable by the search engines. Different visible and invisible content on the website will be made more user friendly at this stage.

Off-page optimisation:

This is an activity which is carried out in Melbourne independent of the web page, with an aim to increase the trustworthiness of the website. An important activity in this is Link Building.

Local search optimisation:

The website has also has to be found in the local searches in Campbellfield, so that people in the vicinity can get to know about your business. This is an important activity of SEO as well.

About Author:

Austin Williams is an expert in web development Melbourne and a SEO based in Campbellfield.

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